The journey to Uganda, in the heart of Africa, begins when your applications is accepted to be on the team.  This is the “C” of EPIC!  


The pre-trip training and team meeting will prepare you to be transformed into a disciple of Jesus like He’s always dreamed for you!

There are about 6 months of strategic meetings prior to the trip – once a month for the first 4 months, twice the 5th month and then weekly the last month.


Traveling to AfricaYou’ll board the airplane for the trip of a lifetime!  Most often we take the first leg to Amsterdam on a 10 1/2 hour non-stop flight. Then on to the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake at Entebbe, Uganda for another 8 hours.  

The time change is 11 hours. So by the time we get to the other side of the world we are excited, but tired.


The first day is very light. Most often the team takes a boat ride across Lake Victoria to an orphanage called Bethany Village.  It’s amazing to see the hope being given to all the children who lost their parents through AIDS or warlord terror.  

The next few days we often spend with our EPIC partner, Jonathan Kabanda.  Jonathan is pastor of Buddo Bible Community Church, a church EPIC planted in 2012.  Jonathan is the most amazing man you’ll ever meet! He is called “Fire” and you will see why!  

Often we do a conference at his church to inspire indigenous church leaders and we meet and share the gospel with locals door to door!  Sharing the gospel is the “E” part of EPIC!

We then travel to another town where we planted a church, IShaka or perhaps Kihihi, and visit schools and prison. We then interact by leading worship, performing a skit, sharing testimonies and the Good News.  Often many people put their faith in Jesus for first time and we invite them to our local church plant.  

At about the mid-point of the trip we go to a wildlife park for a day and a half. It’s a great respite and it’s amazing to take a real safari and see elephants, hippos, water buffalo, crocodiles and more up close and in the wild.

Then the last week begins in the townBuilding a church in Africa. where we are launching our new EPIC church. We focus on visiting many schools, businesses, a prison and neighborhoods to share the Good News and invite people to the new church.  At the end of the week we throw a huge carnival outreach on the new church grounds and have the Grand Opening service.  It’s amazing!

If you want to know more, hop on board and come on a trip!  Honestly, it’s EPIC!


Download the application to get the process started.



2017 – TBA